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At HSL, quality means above all complete customer satisfaction. We are convinced that an effective quality management system is the key to a successful business. Guided by the automotive industry, we have developed an integrated and interdisciplinary quality process, based on a process approach, which produces high added value and involves all areas of the business from a Total Quality Management perspective.

Quality Management System Policy (ISO 9001:2015)

The markets in which HSL srl operates are characterized by a high level of competitiveness and differently structured and therefore very aggressive competition: to be better than the competition we must grow and be able to carry out new, more complex activities. The customer base is very heterogeneous and includes both multinationals and individual companies and consumers. The continuous challenges of the market require a model capable of evaluating the business risk that weighs on the various profit centers with continuity and flexibility. For this reason the strategies, processes and therefore the entire structure of management systems are and will be continually evolving. HSL manages its processes and activities according to criteria aimed at environmental protection, promotes safety in the workplace and guarantees the protection of the information necessary to carry out the activities themselves.
HSL’s activity, governed by company strategies to reach the goal of full customer satisfaction, is expressed in different ways:

  • “prototyping”: in these areas, a production activity is combined with an experimentation activity, all within a period of a few days and this necessarily requires flexibility and timely decision-making ability.
  • “production”: in the automotive sector, dedicated teams work in accordance with the requirements of IATF 16949

HSL takes on some challenges: achieving the project objectives, while remaining within the perimeter constituted by cost, time and quality constraints; optimize the allocation of resources and integrate the inputs necessary to achieve the defined objectives.
HSL is committed to being perceived and recognized by the market as a reference company, pursuing complete and constant customer satisfaction through the valorization of experience and competence, awareness of the reputation achieved and continuous improvement.
To achieve this goal, the company continuously invests in:

  • valorisation of people through increases in professionalism and competence;
  • creativity, innovation, technology, research and development;
  • qualified partners and suppliers;
  • supervision and control of processes;
  • training and coaching.

The Quality Management System policy concerns all staff and as such is shared at all levels of the organisation. The implementation of a Management System consistent with the ISO 9001:2015 standards
and for the Automotive field with the IATF16949:2016 standard, intends to guarantee the
constant control of all the company’s activities aimed at achieving the objectives : continuity and growth
on the market while respecting the environment and safety at work.